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Unified communications solution that enables your employees to collaborate effectively from anywhere to boost your productivity

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    Cloud Communications

    Why Choose 0800Africa for Your
    Unified Communication Needs?

    Say goodbye to using multiple calling, messaging, meeting, video and other business applications….

    Minimal Capital Expense

    The appeal of cloud solutions is there are no large up front costs. While many businesses still purchase physical phones, there are no other capital expenditures

    • call center
      Cloud Calling
      Solution offered as an affordable monthly service
    • unified com
      For SMEs & SOHO
      This is a great benefit especially for small to medium businesses

    Lower Cost of Ownership

    Business is more unpredictable than ever. Ideally, you’d be able to secure the most advanced technologies without having to spend significant money upfront on hardware

    • pbx
      Minimal IT Support
      Your IT staff won’t have to train on how to add, delete features
    • UC
      Mobility & Continuity
      Connect with customers even in the event of a power failure

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the answers for our customers who wish to get onboard with 0800Africa regarding our services

    Unified Communications (UC) is a suite of technical tools that integrates, unites, and connects traditionally diverse modes of communication onto a single system.
    The ultimate goal of the UC project is to replace SF State’s current legacy telephone system with an enterprise communications platform.

    The current telephone system is a non-mainstream system that is end-of-life.

    • More efficient collaboration between campus and remote workers
    • User mobility offers more convenience by permitting access from anywhere, anytime, on any device, using one connection
    • Higher level of connectedness. Instant message is just that: instant; your peers can see your presence status (in meeting, busy, on vacation, etc.)
    • Increased productivity –  you can get back to your customers faster
    0800Africa will provide training and technical support. All questions and issues should be sent to the 0800Africa Service Desk via email:

    No. Business phone numbers will remain the same.

    Yes. Users will need to change an initial PIN, record personal greetings, and record their name when they first access their new voicemail box. Users will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to setup their new voicemail online.

    Users will be able to reset their voicemail PIN and password via a self-service web portal.


    Yes. Users are highly encouraged to use the softphone application in lieu of a desk phone.


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