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Managed cloud services

Our cloud-first focus helps you define and deploy the necessary combination of managed cloud solutions to meet your business needs.

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    managed IT SERVICES

    Managed Cloud Services for
    cloud-first customized solutions

    We have accredited expertise in these different cloud platforms. We recommend and support the cloud solution that’s best for you.

    Managed Public Cloud

    Realize the power and flexibility of public cloud, while minimizing complexity, sprawl and compliance concerns through our Managed Public Cloud solutions.

    • call center
      Trusted platforms
      Approved reference architectures and best practices for true multicloud solutions.
    • unified com
      Flexible tailored services
      All our Managed cloud services at 0800Africa are tailored to your business.

    Integrate functionalities

    You can also add these web-based clients to either Call Center package to integrate advanced functionality

    • meeting
      Reduced business risk
      Advanced monitoring tools to detect performance issues, prevent problems in advance
    • UC
      End to end management
      Gives supervisors a full set of tools to more effectively manage the queue and their performance

    Get some knowledge

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the answers for our customers who wish to get onboard with 0800Africa regarding our services

    In its simplest form, the cloud refers to information technology services, accessed via the Internet, where the location of the infrastructure (i.e., servers that hold the data) is unknown to the user. Many of the most popular cloud services are free.

    Examples of cloud services include, but are not limited to, Microsoft Hotmail, Microsoft 365, Yahoo mail, Gmail, Facebook, MySpace, Skydrive, Google Apps, YouTube, Dropbox and Mozy. Cloud services, such as those listed, can be used if authorized or endorsed by your campus IT department.

    Cloud services are popular for a variety of reasons. They provide consumers with the ability to easily obtain services on-demand and often at no cost. Cloud services are not always more reliable but are generally available from anywhere, as long as you have access to the Internet.

    The cloud poses little risk when used to store or transmit information and data that is publicly available. The risks can be high when using the cloud to store or transmit sensitive data or information protected by laws or regulations. Risks include possible loss, theft and corruption of data or exposure of data to unauthorized users. These risks can result in legal and financial liability and reputational harm.

    First, employees are generally not authorized to agree to terms and conditions provided via “click through” agreements. Agreeing to these terms and conditions can place you and the University in legal jeopardy.

    Second, these terms and conditions rarely provide adequate protections for sensitive data covered under statutes such as FERPA and HIPAA.

    And finally, providers of cloud services may not always provide adequate security protections for the data stored in the cloud and, because these services are pervasive and often offered by huge corporations (such as Google and Microsoft), they are targets for cyberattacks

    When it comes to choosing the right cloud services for your business, there are a few factors to consider. These include your organization’s existing IT infrastructure and processes, your organization’s internal technical capabilities, and your business goals and objectives. 0800Africa can help you assess your business needs and goals and determine the best cloud technology solutions to grow and transform your business.

    Cloud computing offers businesses and organizations numerous benefits. The most common advantages include scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency. With cloud technology, businesses will have greater access to reliable infrastructure, data and file sharing as well as increased data security, backup and recovery. Businesses can also experience accelerated speed to market and will be able to innovate faster and enjoy greater business continuity. With cloud computing, organizations will also be able to meet security and compliance requirements and ensure increased availability and access to critical data.

    Cloud business services include the delivery of various computing services over the internet including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence.