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0800Africa Company Limited

Our goal at 0800Africa is to make communication with a business feel as easy and as natural as talking with a friend.

Our strategy

Our goal at 0800Africa is to make communication with a business feel as easy and as natural as talking with a friend.

The mainstay of this company is its ability to provide state-of-the-art, cost effective and expert services in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry and software development while making a distinct contribution to the communities in which the company serves.

We are inspired to assist in the growth of the Small Medium Enterprise market with cost effective technology in managing and customer retention. At 0800Africa, we encourage our community to get digitalized.


Our goal is to provide our customers with the best service or product at the best possible market price without compromising quality.


Our vision is to be the best managed B2B service provider in Ghana in Technology, while striving to improve the lives of everyone we encounter.

Core values

These are the essential qualities we look to foster in our current team members and seek in prospective employees. People with these characteristics have the emotional intelligence and teamwork skills necessary to help our company maintain an exceptional level of service.

The world of work is changing. With rapid advancements in technology, disruptive business models emerging and economic centers of excellence shifting, the global economy is at the precipice of change. Despite the nearly infinite perspectives leaders of the largest global organizations carry on how to succeed in our new world, they all systematically agree on one thing: people strategy is at the core of a world class organization.

Without character…you cannot be trusted, and if you cannot be trusted…you cannot lead. We set boundaries that help an individual demonstrate appropriate behavior towards self and others. In other words, when a person has moral values, he/she tries to distinguish between right and wrong and make choices that are respectful and thoughtful.

Confidence helps leaders to listen to different opinions and allows a free flow of communication, by opening discussions and allowing your teams’ voices to be heard. To put simply, strong relationships within the team helps build a strong front in delivering the best of solution to Customers which will overall benefit your bottom line.

Our commitment to serving others goes beyond providing strategic IT consulting services. Both content and through person-to-person interaction—is at the heart of engagement; you can’t engage without communicating. That means every customer is important, hence providing an affordable means of engagement to help conduct their business based on a shared belief about the importance of communication.


chief executive officer

Maame Efua Essel - C.E.O

Years of working Experience
  • Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurial & Small Business Operations, CEIBS.
  • EMBA, Marketing Management UG, Legon- Ghana.
  • BSc, Management with Computing.
  • Certificate, Digital Marketing- Innovation Manager.
  • SquaredOnline Fellow
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