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Business IT Support

Our Managed IT support provides fast and efficient technical support for your business platforms to deliver productivity benefits

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    Managed IT Services

    Software Support to manage
    and grow your business

    We have optimised our IT support solutions by dedicating our approach to understanding the latest in technology and cyber security.

    IT Support & Data Backup

    When you choose 0800Africa business IT support, we’re proactive to prevent nightmare scenarios like system outages and data loss

    • call center
      Backup & Recovery
      We’ve got everything to covered to keep your business running
    • unified com
      Maintenance & Support
      Server maintenance & support, IT project management, relocation

    Getting you the Best Deals

    IT costs account for around 20% of SMB expenditure so getting the best deal on your hardware, equipment and utilities could have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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      IT Procurement
      Get your peace of mind whiles we get you the right IT tools.
    • UC
      Business Broadband
      For modern businesses reliable internet connectivity is needed.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the answers for our customers who wish to get onboard with 0800Africa regarding our services

    Good question – it means that we provide management of IT services. Still doesn’t make sense? We agree – this can vary drastically in meaning. For example, form any of our clients it means that we provide for a predictable, fixed, monthly fee, all of their servers, workstations, networking, email, file storage, backups, security, and on-site and remote support. For other clients, this means that we help enable their internal IT staff to be more efficient by handling the day-to-dayIT management and help desk work so that they can focus on higher strategic initiatives. There is a lot packed into being an IT Managed Service Provider!

    Every client has unique needs that tend to fit into one of a handful of specific paradigms or platforms we’ve created.  Typically, by the end of a 30-minute meeting, we’re able to paint a picture of the paradigm that makes sense for your organization, and we provide pricing on the spot.

    Highly likely – we have clients as small as 1 person and clients all the way up to nearing 500 staff.  We have IT paradigms, platforms and methodologies for all types and sizes of organizations that come our way.

    Our full-time tech team sits right here in Ghana, ready, willing, and able to respond to your needs.  We have also cultivated strategic relationships we pull on for areas outside our core competency, such as data/telecom cabling or for internet/data connectivity.  We even have highly trusted relationships we can introduce you to for accounting, legal, marketing, and many other typical business and personal needs!


    Of course! We have access to distributors for all the major brands, as well as can facilitate special pricing and discounts available for government or non-profit entities.  We chose a long time ago to standardize for some of our paradigms on HP because of their long track record in the residential, small business, enterprise, and printing space.  Having a standard go-to vendor allows us to provide a more consistent, faster, and better experience for our clients.

    Not at all – we provide access to our team a number of different ways.  The most popular is to email us (this is by far the fastest and most efficient).  The next popular is to call us – still fast, but surprisingly less efficient overall. We also have the 0800Africa Hub – which is a portal that does MANY exciting and interesting things for our clients, and one of them is to help you submit issues with high quality so that we can get the right information we need and take care of your problem quickly!

    We work with industries of all types.  This often aligns with knowledge-based businesses such as professional services firms (attorneys, accountants, financial services, insurance agencies, healthcare, etc.)  But we also have clients in real estate/property management, child care, home care, logistics, manufacturing and more – we even support many other IT firms like ourselves!

    Absolutely– for starters, we’re pretty proud of our Google Reviews, but if you want to speak to someone who lives and breathes the same type of business you might be in, or the same type of paradigm we’ve recommended, we’re more than happy to provide contact information for those clients who can give you un-coached and un-biased feedback about how we deliver our promise of a 0800Africa experience.