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Get better reliability and call quality with 0800Africa’s cloud PBX capabilities.

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    Cloud Communications

    Experience the Benefits of
    Hosted PBX Technology

    the gold standard for communication and provides businesses best in class audio as well as access to collaboration functionality

    Future Proof Communications

    Our Hosted PBX service provides all the business benefits of an on premises system—voice, voicemail, extensions, conferencing, ring groups and auto-attendant menus…

    • call center
      Reduce Costs
      With Hosted PBX you only pay for what you need when you need it
    • unified com
      Choose Best option
      Cloud PBX provides greater options than traditional PBX

    Fully Managed & Supported

    We monitor the platform and performs all maintenance and upgrades to ensure the platform is operating at peak capacity

    • meeting
      Experienced Team
      Our certified experts will help ensure your implementation goes smoothly.
    • UC
      Industry Best SLAs
      UCx with Webex is backed by 100% network uptime SLAs when paired with SD-WAN

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the answers for our customers who wish to get onboard with 0800Africa regarding our services

    A Private Bank Exchange (PBX) provider helps businesses set up multi-line telephone networks. Such on-premise phone systems typically connect to a data network, enabling multiple calls to be made to different individuals simultaneously.

    Hosted PBX systems score over their traditional counterparts due to their ability to offer a unified set of communication features such as mobile integration, internal communications, and easy setup. Hosted PBX is also more cost-effective, flexible, scalable and requires much less physical upkeep as compared to traditional PBX systems.


    For a hosted PBX system, all you need is a stable broadband connection. Such systems require minimal physical infrastructure and can work on any digital device (desktop, tablet, or smartphone) that has high-speed internet connectivity.

    • No, a hosted PBX system is not a VoIP system since there are several differences. For example, in the case of cloud hosted PBX, data is transmitted over cable lines, whereas in the case of VoIP, data is transmitted over the internet.

    Yes, if you have an existing landline, personal, or business number from other telecom operators or cloud PBX providers, you can transfer that number to your new cloud PBX provider by following the required process and a letter of authorization.

    Cloud PBX providers usually work on a software as a service model and users pay monthly or annually for using/licensing their cloud PBX software.
    Apart from the standard monthly/annual fee, users also get charged for calls they make on a minute based and other features they use like SMS, video meetings, adding new users, etc.
    But with 0800Africa, you can make unlimited calls and onboard unlimited users, thus you can avoid paying per calling minutes and users.

    Cloud PBX can be used in many ways, for automated outbound sales using auto dialer, automating customer support using IVR, voice broadcasting, toll-free numbers, virtual business numbers, managing internal communications, scheduling video meetings, and more.

    VoIP is a technology used in cloud PBX phone system to make and receive calls over an internet connection/data line. Cloud based PBX is also referred to as a VoIP phone system, cloud telephony, and virtual phone system.

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