Case Studies: Financial Services


A leading provider of retail and commercial financial services with thousands of agents and hundreds of offices across Ghana. Excellent, agent-delivered service combined with innovative online service enablement helped propel this organization to the top.

The Problem

Information technology and data centre hosting were entrusted to an outside firm. As time passed, the organization’s demands grew and the infrastructure aged. Problems began to mount. Unfortunately, reliability issues caused outages, frustrating the agents who rely on these services.

“We have greatly improved their working environment experience for their employees and provided them with confidence”

Mr. R. Donto, the company’s dedicated Account Manager.

Then the situation got worse. Disaster struck and services were brought down by a malicious attacker. This financial services provider decided it was time to rethink its hosting and workload management strategy and partnerships.

0800Africa’s Solution

0800Africa was brought in to assess the situation and sort out an effective cloud migration strategy. 0800Africa determined that private cloud services would provide the best security, reliability, and agility for this client’s custom workloads. Working closely with the client’s internal IS team, 0800Africa delineated between the development environment and the production platform. 0800Africa migrated production workloads to 0800Africa’s boutique Private Cloud which includes evergreen infrastructure, multiple layers of resiliency, and industry-leading security.


Agents and customers appreciate reliability. The workloads in the 0800Africa Cloud have consistently exceeded five 9’s of uptime (99.999%). IT and cloud hosting have faded into the background where they belong.

0800Africa’s solution offloaded infrastructure management and capacity planning from the firm’s internal technology development teams. They were free to focus all their time on perfecting their customer experience through superior online service enablement

“We have redacted client names from online case studies and testimonials to mitigate cyber threats from social engineering like phishing and pretexting.”  

Dr. M. Essien, Executive Assistant to the CEO / Office Manager

Built on a foundation of excellent business management, differentiated services, and a solid cloud migration strategy, this financial services organization surpassed 20% compound annual EBITA growth and doubled annual funded volumes.